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Jumping the Green Generation Gap


Posted by Alan Bowman

Responsible. Smart. And Cool. These are the three words 13-29 year-olds (the generation known as Millennials) most associate with the Green movement according to a recent survey by New York youth media and youth trends company Generate.

Yet while younger consumers (and particularly the generation currently at school) are better informed and more strident about green issues than any other age group, their knowledge and attitudes often have little bearing on their actions.

The most startling statistic from the Generate report is that given a choice between a brand that has green credentials and a similar one at a lower price, 71 per cent of 13-17 year-olds say they’d go for the cheaper option. The balance swings in entirely the opposite direction for 22-29 year-olds with 63 per cent saying they’d be willing to fork out for a more expensive brand if it supports an environmental cause.

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